Then there will be enough dakka.
Unless you're toting the Gatling Gun around, which is everything you'd expect from a literal Gatling gun.
Way back before the source code was released, there was a program called De Hacked, which you could use to directly modify the executable, including modifying weapons.
The bosses certainly have plenty of firepower as well, especially in Unlimited Mode.That's right, a flying, arcing, dakka shotgun mortar firing 150kg scatterbombs.This is the role of the Gatling turret in Guns of Icarus.When fully upgraded it becomes the most dangerous weapon the Boss has, but it has it's downsides; it needs a lot of cash to get it to full strength, eats ammo like a American eats cheeseburgers, it's somehow not strong enough to take.The LKW will recharge automatically to a certain minimum power level, and all 3 weapons can be recharged at power stations - again, resulting in effectively unlimited firepower.Translation It is widely accepted that the theoretical state of "too much dakka" is physically impossible.The Underworld films are fond of this.It has a short range and doesn't deal much damage, but it can spam lots and lots of bullets, which makes it useful for taking out large groups of weak enemies.Hyperion Honor Hyperion Honor Hyperion Honor Hyperion Honor Hyperion Honor Vendor Available as "Item of the Day" in Marcus ' Gun Vendors.

S-CRY-ed has Hannish Lightning, at least in the manga, whose Alter is a gun.
Default Heads, heads that come unlocked with, borderlands 2 to begin customization.
About the only flaw with the design was the relative lack of range-being nearly the shortest-ranged weapons in the game, the assumption was a machinegun-boat would never make it past the longer-ranged fire of a Mech armed with heavier guns.
Gun dakka, torpedo dakka, missile dakka, still not enough dakka.
In Battle Royale Kiriyama sprays his targets with bullets fairly often.Star Trek: Deep Space Nine : The episode giochi free to play "The Way of the Warrior" had Deep Space Nine show off the preparations Starfleet had made for the Dominion: dozens of torpedo launchers and phaser banks pop out and engage a Klingon battle fleet, pounding them with.The British artillery commander from Company of Heroes is gifted the 'Victor Target' ability.Special mention also goes to Dib's Humongous Mecha in "Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy".Serious Sam Double D (a 2D spinoff) takes the dakka to even more absurd levels by adding the Gunstacker, which allows guns to be stacked on top of guns for absurd quantities of dakka.Films Live-Action The Matrix likes this one.He usually fires a lot of bullets out of them.The Skaven, however, skip straight to an all but modern version, referred to as the Ratling Gun.