However, even though Po has managed to save the day, he still believes that the rest of his kind is gone.
When Po confronts him on his ship after crippling it, he finds Shen completely stunned by both the fact everything he created has been destroyed and the fact that Po managed to overcome his traumatic past and find inner peace.
Mickey Mousing : The first fight with the wolf pack certainly has a lot of action in sync to the music.Ham-to-Ham Combat : Po and Shen's first scene giochi slot machine gratis 888 together.Boar: I am invis.Oblivious Adoption : Confronted and answered.Noting how Po was able to achieve inner peace at a young age, as opposed to him who had to wait giochi casino slot kostenlos spielen a lot longer.And that all started because Shen reacted badly to their disapproval of his dreams of inventing the cannon, and that they weren't careful enough that Shen overheard the prophecy foretelling his doom, which spurred his actions in the first place.Po: Guys, come on, give me a little credit.Col passare del tempo Shifu riesce ad accettare Po come allievo e grazie ad un astuto stratagemma (proibisce a Po di mangiare finché non sarà addestrato riesce a farlo diventare un abile guerriero.Also the reaction of a wolf soldier when Po says hello to him from inside a dragon disguise.Appassionato del kung fu e degli eroi di quest'arte del combattimento, inaspettatamente riesce a coronare il suo sogno grazie alle sue doti particolari.

Shen lands next to an entire battery of cannons Shen: fire!
When Po is running on the conveyor belt, the wok pan with Tai Lung's Face indented in it from the first movie goes over the side right before Po himself falls and catches giochi gratis online slot xmen himself with the tuning fork.
which is Po's first line in his fantasy of the first film.
Ping: No, this is fantastic!
Flash Step : Shifu is shown doing this several times, once even to avoid a hug from.Data di uscita modifica modifica wikitesto Il film è stato presentato in anteprima mondiale alla 61 edizione del Festival di Cannes il Successivamente, nella première americana il l Grauman's Chinese Theatre di Hollywood, e il Leicester Square di Londra, per la première inglese.Ironic, since red is the color of luck in China.Freudian Excuse : Big Bad Lord Shen's family never loved him.Then there was the time he ate all the bamboo was imported, too.World of Funny Animals Worst Whatever, Ever!It can do kung fu, too.At the end of the movie, the plushie is seen in a crate of vegetables that Po is carrying into the restaurant.