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I find these more difficult to approach and validate than symmetric-shape challenges.
And online casino money much if it fits, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
It has become my main 3x3x3!
Lucida - roulette flash online play designed by Osanori Yamamoto and made by Tom Lensch from Walnut and Canarywood.3 moves with rotation.September 2016 Fellow puzzle collector Colin James kindly sent me a care package containing several puzzles, including three in the "Instant Insanity Family." Thanks, Colin!This isn't one of their most difficult offerings, but it still has subtleties.Games - Vertigo, Bad Trip, and Sink or Swim.Greek Cross Puzzle - made by Bill Sheckels New Secret Box III - produced by the Karakuri Creation Group All six panels move, 18 moves to open.

Megaminx 2x2 produced by Shengshou Ghost Cube 2x2x2 produced by Lim Cube Elephant 2x2x2 produced by Yongjun House 2x2x2 produced by Yongjun Renault Dauphine - Blue I found a rare blue version - Unfortunately the top was cracked in half down the center, but.
(Seems permanent to me and I didn't try to pry it apart - the legs and arms have flanges and slide into it in grooves.) Very happy to have found this extremely rare keychain puzzle!
A beautiful and fascinating work of art!
Similar to Jinxed a vintage edgematching puzzle from Tryne.Dodecafé - Rik Brouwer Purchased from Rik's Shapeways shop.March 2017 Vega Mate - by Raphaël Mouflin T The Vega Mate is a compound of five tetrahedrons; the base puzzle is a Pentultimate.A nice compact challenging puzzle!It is quite large and made from attractive woods.I learned from Peter Hajek of the existence of a variant of the largest Bibendum keychain puzzle - whose key piece is wider than that of the usual version, with a correspondingly smaller left hand piece.But still a fun puzzle :-) Thank you!Shown with edge-6, edge-5, and edge-8 examples.Great Pagoda - an edge-9 (129 piece) Pagoda Burr.I am surprised by this, given the almost 30 year discrepancy in dates.