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The only info that you have to giochi di caccia al cervo provide is your phone number.
It is a very safe alternative payment system for those who have home telephone aprire casino online x mac lines and who prefer to stay anonymous when online.
They also make sure that you are aware of what amount will be deducted from your phone bill at the end of the month, which rules out the possibility of nasty surprises later.
You must have long distant service to use this form of depositing into you online gambling account.There are no hidden fees or long-distance charges when using 900 pay to fund your online casino account.This cuts out the need for bank account information and credit cards, and eliminates the hassle of"ng hundreds of digits and running the risk of being a victim of identity theft or fraud.It is the alternative payment industry's only totally secure and automated internet phone billing system.900 Pay also assure that your private data stay just that private because its never published or stored on the Internet.Why should I use 900Pay?Lets look at 900 Pays cons or things that makes it a bit more of a hassle.

900Pay casino deposit are made through your phone line.
When you have selected a casino that you wish to make a deposit with, you simply click on the 900 Pay payment button and enter the number of credits you wish to buy.
900 Pay is one of the leading answers to this problem, although its only available in the US and Canada at the moment.
And Canada residents; the customers need no credit cards, just a telephone;.This is of course followed with a step that checks that you are indeed who you say you are, and that you are indeed deducting this amount from the telephone bill that you are responsible for.It is a secure payment option that ensures you fast and reliable transaction.How does 900 Pay Work?In order to use 900Pay it is not necessary to register, however it will be required to provide your personal information for each transaction made with 900Pay.You have to currently live in an area inside the US or Canada that supports 1-900 numbers, or at least one that does not block 1-900 numbers on your home telephone.There are no long-distance charges, no additional fees and all online transactions will appear on your monthly phone bill as a Navaho Networks purchase.With the recent explosion of the Online Casino industry, there has been greater need for alternative payment methods that exclude the use of a credit card or bank account.900Pay is a patented service from Navaho that allows their home shopper clients to buy products and services via the web and to then have the cost amount of the goods purchased billed to their telephone bill.