Solo cross- country flight:.93(c 3).
I certify that (First name, MI, Last name) has met the requirements in accordance with section.419 and section.409.
12/31/2010 Solo takeoffs and landings at another airport within 25 nm: section.93(b 1).
I certify that (First name, MI, Last name) has received the required training in both directions between and at both (airport names).Choose appropriate section for insertion: (d) single-engine land (e) multi-engine land (f) helicopter (g) gyroplane (h) powered-lift (i) glider (j) airship (k) balloon (l) powered parachute (m) weight-shift control aircraft.I certify that (First name, MI, Last name) has satisfactorily completed the pre-solo knowledge exam of section.87(b) for the (make and model aircraft).I have determined that He/She is prepared for the Sport Pilot Knowledge Test.Pre-solo flight training at night: section.87(c) and (o).I have determined that He/She is proficient and authorized for the additional (aircraft category and class) flight instructor privilege.I have determined He/She is prepared for the flight instructor with a sport pilot rating practical test in a (aircraft category and class).

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Multi Engine Endorsements Knowledge Test: Note: No endorsements are required to take the written tests for the flight instructor rating.
12/31/2010 Flight Test: Taking sport pilot practical test: section.309, section.311, and section.313.12-3-19 note: In the case of a failed knowledge test, the instructor may complete the endorsement in the space provided at the bottom of the applicants airman knowledge test.I have determined he/she meets the applicable requirements.87(n) and is proficient to make solo flights in (make and model).The final authority on all endorsements is the current FAA Advisory Circular.I certify that (First name, MI, Last name) has received the required aeronautical knowledge training of section.309.12/31/2010 Flight Instructor with Sport Pilot Rating Endorsements Knowledge Test: Taking the fundamentals giochi gratis slot machine 5 rulli 3d of instructing knowledge test: section.405(a 1).12/31/2010 Recreational pilot with less than 400 flight hours and not logged PIC time within the preceding 180 days: section.101(g).