In my defense, the first weekend in June was hotter than the hinges of hell here in New Hampshire.
Four years ago, she left New Hampshire to build a new life with her husband in Dublin, Ireland.
This visit reminded me of what I have known since the day she was born.
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It may sound strange but I had a flashback to the first time I saw her take a step.
We dont usually go in for birthday parties for adults and I was less than enthusiastic but he persisted.
Blogging and writing were far from my mind.
I am offering this explanation on a day I normally would NOT be posting a blog in an effort to make it up to you.
Her name begins with the letter.Fri Sat 11:00 AM 2:00.I had evacuated to the bliss of a neighbors central air.I am also reminded of my great-grandmother who more than a hundred years ago sent four of her children from Ireland to Boston never to see them again.Paul is a Founding Partner of Serten Advisors, having served as a strategic business advisor.