(Federal Research on Syringe Exchange Programs Proves Effectiveness).
Laws restricting syringe access are statistically associated with HIV transmission and should be repealed.
Our study is distinguished from previous work by its worldwide scope and its design, which compares changes in HIV seroprevalence in cities with and without NEPs, rather than changes within a single city.
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Source: Bluthenthal, Ricky., Mohammed Rehan Malik, Lauretta.Closing Ceremony: Will begin about 20 minutes after the mens HS basketball championship. .The study concludes, decriminalizing syringes and needles would likely result in reductions in the behaviors that expose IDUs to slot machine iene 98 blood borne viruses.Syringe Exchange Programs United States, 2008, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (Atlanta, GA: Centers for Disease Control, November 19, 2010) Vol.However, the data do show associations between anti-OTC laws and HIV prevalence and incidence. (Centers for Disease Control on Syringe Exchange) The basic service offered by SSPs Syringe Services Programs allows pwid People Who Inject Drugs to exchange used needles and syringes for new, sterile needles and syringes.Most SSPs offered HIV counseling and testing (87 among rural SSPs, 71 among suburban SSPs, and 90 among urban SSPs) and HCV testing (67 among rural SSPs, 79 among suburban SSPs, and 78 among urban SSPs).

(US Surgeon Generals Determination of Effectiveness of Syringe Exchange Programs) After reviewing all of the research to date, the senior scientists of the Department and I have unanimously agreed that there is conclusive scientific evidence that syringe exchange programs, as part of a comprehensive HIV.
A minority of SSPs reported having referral tracking systems for HCV-related care and treatment (33 of rural SSPs, 43 of suburban SSPs, and 44 of urban SSPs).
Welcome to casa Gold Coast.States make it illegal for injection drug users (IDUs) to possess syringes.Measures (For more details see the master plan).Although these mechanisms have strong theoretical support, the published evidence for NEP effectiveness is limited.Research Concerning SAP Effectiveness.After Connecticut legalized OTC tutte le slot gratis rulli sales of syringes and the personal possession of syringes, syringe sharing by drug injectors decreased.A plausible explanation for this difference is that the NEPs led to a reduction in HIV incidence among injecting drug users.