Raise the Keel-O-Matic so the forward keel tip enters the trunk opening and raise until the lower pivot hole is about 10" below the hull bottom (the upper hole has just about disappeared).
Removal Our only pictures of the Keel-O-Matic in action were during installation, but your first interest is probably removal, so we will show you the pictures backwards.
Don't lift until you need.
1, tall adjustable stand to hold the trailer tongue in a roulette wheel game online raised position.
West System epoxy should be applied as soon as possible after sandblasting, and then the metal freshly abraded through the wet epoxy, using slot 3d gratis casino sandpaper or a wire brush.The casters are placed for a wide wheelbase to resist the keel's implacable desire to topple sideways.We chose the less-intensive renewal process, leaving as much as possible of the good original laminate intact.If the coating has lost integrity and the cast iron is rusting underneath it, the keel wants to be sandblasted clean and recoated with two-part epoxy.For a fun filled two hour class.When you ask, make it clear that you will need several hours to do the five coats and fairing, and the keel will need 12 more hours or so of undisturbed cure time before you can take it home.If the allthread turns out too long to remove with the bushings in place, or one of the nuts is too well epoxied in place, just take a hacksaw to the allthread.

Wait for the paint's "dry to launch" time.
Lay two rulers together flat and aligned, drill a small hole through both at one end and clamp with a small screw.
Allow the paint to dry enough for handling.
Put a rubber mat, thin plywood, or the like under the center of the aftermost trailer cross member to protect the paint; at some point you'll probably raise the trailer tongue past the point where this cross member hits the ground.
Casting an epoxy pivot hole in the keel leaves you with nice epoxy flanges to either side of the hole, just as you get epoxy/graphite flanges inside the keel trunk.Because the trailer axle will be moved aft, the tongue raised, and the stern raised, design your stand for a lot more than the usual 10 tongue weight.If only coating were necessary, we would have tried powdercoating instead of the two-part, but the keel is a rough, rather crude casting and some fairing of the surface will probably be required.Place the other 3/4" steel rod through the upper keel pivot hole.Please select option, red Door Blue Window.00 usdred Door Blue Window/Bring a Friend.00 usdred Door Blue Window/Family Plan.00 USD.If it is difficult to hold the keel in the right spot, level the Keel-O-Matic better or set it slightly downhill forward so the keel can be hauled aft or eased forward using the winch.In the first picture below, you can see a large V of pink fairing compound near the lower end of the keel.The bottoms of the A were lag bolted to an 8" x 8" by 18" wood block we had handy.So, lay both rods across the Keel-O-Matic with the keel cradle on top, with the keel resting in the cradle.